My Research Experience

Neuroscience Research at UCLA
In summer 2014, I was accepted into the prestigious Amgen Scholars program and conducted summer research at UCLA. I worked in Dr. Michael S. Levine's lab at the UCLA Semel Institute, where I was involved in a project focused on altered synaptic transmission in Huntington's Disease. My role involved statistical analysis of data collected during experiments. I presented a poster on this research at the UCLA Amgen Scholars Poster Symposium and UCLA SPUR Poster Symposium.

Neuroscience Research at UC Riverside
During summer 2013, I participated in UCR's MSRIP program, conducting neuroscience research that culminated in a poster presentation at the MSRIP 2013 Symposium. This work was done in Dr. Ted Garland Jr's lab, where I studied the neurobiology of mice selectively bred for high voluntary wheel running. My work involved capturing digital photographs of biological tissue, using software to trace brain regions, and organizing data for presentation. I gave a poster presentation at the UCR Student Summer Research poster session on this research.